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      Frequently asked questions

      Don’t hesitate to provide us with a referral and receive a special bonus.

      What is a referral bonus?

      The bonus is our gratitude in the form of a financial reward that you receive for 3 completed steps:

      • if we made an offer to your friend
      • he / she accepted it
      • he / she joined the company


      What is the bonus amount?

      • The amount of the bonus depends on the technical level of the specialist.
      • The bonus amount for a recommendation for a specific vacancy is not negotiable at the stage of submitting a recommendation and is fixed.
      • The initial bonus amount may change if the candidate passes an interview with a different technical level (both lower and higher).

      What vacancies do I receive a referral bonus for?

      You can find vacancies that participate in the referral program on the Refer a Friend page (link) and also if the “Refer a Friend” button is active on the vacancy page.

      How do I know if you have received my recommendation and if it is suitable?

      Don’t worry, right after you fill out the form on the website, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your recommendation. We need 5 working days to analyze it.

      Once we review your referral profile, we will give you a decision on whether or not it is suitable for our vacancies.

      We will contact your friend within 10 working days if his/her profile matches the current vacancies.

      How and when will I receive my bonus?

      You will receive a bonus for a successful recommendation within 30 working days. When a recommended specialist joins the company, the amount of the bonus determined for a specific role will be paid to you from the date of the start of cooperation between the recommended specialist and Sigma Software.

      What to do if I haven't received a bonus?

      Be sure to write to our mailbox and we will contact you to clarify the situation.