• The team I`m working with helps me consolidate my knowledge and skills. I have a chance to learn from experienced specialists, grow and develop professionally. I like performing non-trivial tasks and I’m curious of the domain of the project - construction.
    The qualities that are most appreciated in our friendly team - responsibility, diligence, systematic approach, perspective vision - are very close to me.

    Roman Senior Software Developer
  • I like that I have an opportunity to work with a versatile technology stack here, because it guarantees my professional development. In my daily work I constantly face different tasks and new technologies.
    I’m glad to work in a friendly team. My teammates are real friends, we speak one language in any situation. We all are committed for the work we do.
    I appreciate the competent management on the project. It is very important for me that our managers are loyal and open to the employees.

    Serhiy Senior Software Developer
  • I’m very much excited about my work at Sigma Software. The amount of opportunities and domain areas where we operate. During one day you can research the possibilities of implementing a mobile app for a FinTech company, after that supply a chain platform in Healthcare domain. “You are the driver, you are the initiator” – this is what my boss always tells me. In other words – the project is your baby, if you care about it and wish to make it the best one, it is your responsibility to do that.

    Natalya Business Development Manager
  • What keeps me interested and motivated since my first day back in 2008 are always available challenges for my mind, growing complexity of our projects and never lowering requirements to the professionalism of our current and future colleagues. As a professional, you are trusted to make your decisions here, but will always find help and support when you need them.

    Maxim Chief Software Architect
  • I work at Sigma Software for 6 years. I came here by a recommendation of my friend, and never regretted. It`s during my first interview that I felt this company has a big potential due to active development and introducing innovations into its daily work. Founded in early 2000th by courageous and technical-savvy team, this company inspires me to keep moving together.
    What motivates me the most is variety of internal and external projects, where I can openly share and implement my ideas.

    Nataly Training Manager
  • Nice to know that you are working in a place that is perfect for you. When your team becomes a part of your life, when you smile and greet people, not because it is a rule, but because you feel so.
    Not every company provides with an opportunity to communicate directly with founders and leaders, who set global goals and think strategically, recognizing the value of each and every employee, no matter what position he or she takes.
    Sigma Software definitely has it all.

    Valeriya Recruitment Team Lead