Our Motto

  • Nordic traditions

  • Ukrainian spirit

  • Superior software

Our team

our team

Meet our big and dedicated team of professionals

Our team is built on mutual respect and strives to create software of superior quality. We spend a lot of time with our workmates and believe that success comes to the whole team and as a result of great team work.

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What keeps me interested and motivated since my first day back in 2008 are always available challenges for my mind, growing complexity of our projects and never lowering requirements to professionalism of our current and future colleagues. As a professional, you are trusted to make your decisions here, but will always find help and support when you need them.

Chief Software Architect

Nice to know that you are working in a place that is perfect for you. When your team becomes a part of your life, when you smile and greet people, not because it is a rule, but because you feel so.
Not every company provides with an opportunity to communicate directly with founders and leaders, who set global goals and think strategically, recognizing the value of each and every employee, no matter what position he or she takes.
Sigma Software definitely has it all.

Recruitment Team Lead