Our team

We share a lot of time with our workmates and believe that success comes to the whole team and because of the great team work.
We are the company of professionals. Our excellence was built by working with mature teams and reliable specialists.
Believing that the best team-building factor is a friendly atmosphere we do our best to keep it.

Innovations Department

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    Stronghold of novelties and onward movement, the Department works with Clients in construction, telecom, energy, and media verticals. Being technologically-savvy and possessing the ability to think outside the box, we reach the best results in top-notch domains including Infotainment, Autonomous Driving, Blockchain, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence and ML. Our engineers are active participants of R&D projects and various country-wide and world-wide Hackathons.
    We are inspired by technology and its power to change the future!

Microsoft Solutions Department

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    The department unites almost 150 qualified Microsoft Stack professionals: .NET gurus; Full Stack developers; DevOps engineers, PMs. We work with enterprise segment Customers, using cutting-edge technologies. We take pride in cooperating with our Clients on a long-term basis. That is why the main features characterizing our team are perseverance, scrupulousness, thoroughness, strategic thinking, accuracy, and strive for perfect quality.
    We are a team of friends and colleagues working on solutions that make difference!

Enterprise and Gaming Solutions

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    We are very different since we are Java enthusiasts, JavaScript adherents, Haxe followers, Unity gurus, Python ninjas, C++ fans, DevOps advocates, and more. We are creative and talented (well, it's kinda obvious, isn't it?). At the same time, we love when everything is in order, well-planned, and well done. We use Agile with technical excellence on the place and Kanban approaches to do a great work and make Customers happy. We love games and we play them. Therefore, we know how to make games that engage and entertain!

Web & Mobile Solutions

Web & Mobile
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    One of the most dynamically growing departments, it unites 200 professionals in various technologies: Go, ML, Ruby, Python, DevOps, Big Data, Java, Mobile, etc. Projects and customers quite versatile: from huge enterprises to startups. This diversity takes its toll on us. We value passionate and enthusiastic people, who keep their word no matter what and ready to walk extra mile to deliver on their promises. With high-spirited specialists we can do what seems impossible at first glance.
    We feel sincere dedication to the projects we do!

Design & UX/UI

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    We are a squad of 40 cheerful, crazy, outstanding people. We specialize in a wide range of design and front-end works including UI / UX, Graphic design, Illustrations, Logo and brand identity design, Motion graphic, Interior design, Video production, HTML / CSS / JS development and CMS development. Fine sense of humor, good style, geniality, and positive thinking make us who we are - professionals, who put their hearts in every task and never compromise on quality.
    We are really into what we do because our work is visible to all!

Software Testing

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    A constant striving for professional development and high esteem for mentoring and knowledge exchange - that`s what unite us. We cultivate openness and mutual respect. It is not mistakes we are seeking to avoid in our daily work, but lack of trust and honesty. The department works on a number of projects in different domains, requiring different skills and knowledge, and thus we never get bored.
    Every day we help making great solutions even better; this motivates us for new achievements!