Test Automation Engineer (Telecom)

Remote (Ukraine only) Automation Testing Software Testing

Required skills

Test Automation / strong
Python / strong
Test automation design skills / strong
English / strong

Are you inspired to jump in and become our next Test Automation Engineering Ninja? Sounds like you? Then keep reading!

We are looking for an experienced Test Automation Engineer. We expect that you will drive the automation direction on the project, starting from the review of the current automation framework and possibly replacing it to a new one.


Our customer is based in Canada. The project is a platform for emerging requests processing.

The project can help you strengthen test automation skills, improve communication, testing practices, and leadership skills.


  • At least 3+ years of experience in automation testing
  • Strong Python programming skills (collections, conditional, cycles, modularity, lambda, comprehensions, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of test automation design (OOP, composition, Page Object, Singleton, Keyword-Driven testing, SOLID, etc.)
  • Proficiency in interaction with web-systems (HTML, XML, cookies, web storage, cache, HTTP, REST)
  • Experience with Selenium (elements finding and operating with, capabilities, multi-threading, xPath inner functions, etc.)
  • Ability to set up, configure, and debug code in IDE (PyCharm)
  • Competence to merge code into GIT
  • Capacity to set up Jenkins job
  • Ability to write advanced SQL queries (SELECT incl. JOIN, INSERT, UPDATE, inner queries)
  • Strong test design skills (exploratory testing, wide range of test design techniques)
  • Ability to create complete, accurate, and laconic reports (bug reports, status and progress report, test run reports, etc.)
  • Upper-Intermediate written and spoken English

Personal Profile

  • Strong communication skills
  • Good management skills
  • Strong research and problem-solving skills
  • Pro-activity


  • Define and control test automation strategy (incl. efficiency metrics) in close collaboration with the product team
  • Discover the product by means of the exploratory testing
  • Discover existing tests (Python, Selenium, Nose, Allure, Psycopg2)
  • Design end-to-end scenarios for test automation
  • Define and control test automation development guidelines (incl. code quality metrics)
  • Automate web UI tests, interacting with DB (PostgreSQL) for test data creation, within the provided framework (Python, Selenium, Nose, Allure, Psycopg2)
  • Tune the test automation framework in order to cover non-trivial cases (new pages, new HTML elements, new SQL queries)
  • Continuously merge source code into project VCS (Gerrit)
  • Set up / tune CI (Jenkins) jobs for automated tests
  • Daily support automated tests by means of nightly build analysis (Jenkins) and results processing (bugs reporting / verification, tests actualization / stabilization)
  • Review tests written by teammates from coverage, architectural, and code quality perspectives
  • Manage and assist peers in test and code design, technical issues, and project-related questions
  • Set up local development environment and build/deploy a personal test stage (Kubernetes)
  • Create and estimate day-to-day tasks in JIRA
  • Play as single point of communication at test automation scope for product team
  • Report status and progress to the team at daily stand-ups and on-request


  • Health & Legal support
  • Discount program
  • Sport activities
  • Outstanding offices
  • Comfortable place in a cozy room
  • Continuous education
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work
  • Diversity of Domains & Businesses
  • Variety of technology

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