Sound Producer

Bulgaria Czech Republic Europe Poland Portugal Remote (Ukraine) Ukraine Engineering

Required skills

Audio Production for Games / strong
Creativity / strong
Proactivity / strong
English / good

Join our team of dedicated professionals and make a significant impact on the gaming industry. If you’re a creative, dedicated, and experienced Sound Producer looking to be a part of something extraordinary, we want to hear from you. Apply now and be a key player in shaping the soundscapes of the future!


At our company, we’re searching for a talented Sound Producer to join our team of gaming enthusiasts. As a Sound Producer, you’ll be responsible for creating immersive soundscapes and music for slot games and crush game projects, adding that crucial auditory dimension to our games. You’ll also be at the forefront of solving sound-related issues throughout the game production process. .


  • Experience: At least 3 years of experience in audio production for games, showcasing your expertise and creativity in shaping auditory experience
  • Creativity: Sharp focus on enhancing product quality through innovative sound design
  • Proactivity: Approach your work with activity, commitment, and a strong sense of responsibility, ensuring deadlines are met and quality is maintained
  • English Proficiency: Communicate effectively in English at an intermediate level, confidently present and discuss your ideas with the team and stakeholders


  • Sound and Music Creation: Craft captivating sounds and music that enhance the player experience in our slot games, crush games, and more
  • Audio Content Integration: Seamlessly integrate audio content into our projects to ensure a seamless and immersive gaming experience
  • Sound Issue Support: Be the go-to expert for resolving sound-related challenges at every stage of game production, ensuring top-quality audio
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate closely with our talented team and engage with stakeholders to bring your sonic vision to life


  • Diversity of Domains & Businesses
  • Variety of technology
  • Health & Legal support
  • Active professional community
  • Continuous education and growing
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work
  • Outstanding offices (if you choose it)
  • Sports and community activities


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