Senior Java Developer (DanAds/AdTech)

Remote (Ukraine only) Java Software Developer

Required skills

Java / expert
Agile / strong
English / strong

We are seeking a seasoned Senior Java Developer to join our professional team and collaboratively develop advanced technology solutions in AdTech stack.

We have a great opportunity for an experienced Java Developer who is ready to show a high level of engagement in making technical decisions.


DanAds is a B2B company that creates white label self-serve solutions for World Known Publishers (e.g. Bloomberg, eBay, Hearst, TripAdvisor, etc).

DanAds platform is an Ad-desk that is integrated with the publisher’s own ad servers, CRM and payment systems. The main customers/users of the system are Publishers as well as small and medium advertisers who want to market their business among web, mobile, and print units. Publishers are Media owners; SMB is direct advertisers and various digital agencies and sales companies.

Now we are starting a new project based on Java and JavaScript technologies from scratch. The customer is a well-known American television provider. The main goal of the project is to build a Self-serve platform that will allow external buying partners to view counts that are reflective of both/either our first-party data and third-party Data Vendor/Provider data (including an advertiser’s first-party data via a Data Vendor/Provider). It also includes viewership and demo data, which would require an approval process. In addition, it will allow searching reviewing, and boosting the performance of the running advertisement campaigns.


  • 5+ years of Java development experience
  • Solid understanding of the software development process
  • Solid knowledge of Java programming language
  • Understanding of object-oriented programming and writing maintainable code
  • Solid knowledge of the mainstream frameworks and libraries
  • Understanding of various architecture styles
  • Good understanding of different programming language paradigms: procedural, OO, functional, declarative
  • Good understanding of various estimation techniques
  • Good understanding of performance optimization approaches
  • Solid understanding of developer testing approaches
  • Solid understanding of databases design and development techniques
  • Good understanding of security concepts
  • Experience designing and consuming web services (REST and SOAP APIs)
  • Experience in modern git-based version control systems
  • Agile development team experience


Would be a plus:

  • Experience in front-end development using mainstream frameworks and libraries


  • Take responsibility for the delivery of major product features
  • Promote good design principles, best practices, coding standards, and quality criteria set forth on the project
  • Carry out technical supervision of middle and junior software development staff
  • Share technical knowledge with teammates and customers
  • Involve into projects with the possibility to learn new technologies and accumulate best practices
  • Design, implement, test Java applications from scratch


  • Health & Legal support
  • Discount program
  • Sport activities
  • Outstanding offices
  • Comfortable place in a cozy room
  • Continuous education
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work
  • Diversity of Domains & Businesses
  • Variety of technology

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