Senior Big Data Engineer (AdTech)

Argentina Brazil Bulgaria Europe Hungary Latin America Mexico Poland Big Data Engineering Python Scala Software Developer

Required skills

Big Data / strong
Python / good
GCP / strong
AWS / good
NoSQL\SQL / strong

Sigma Software is seeking a passionate Senior Big Data Engineer with expertise in Cloud technologies, Big Data, and distributed systems to join our data engineering team. As a Senior Big Data Engineer, you will take ownership of the Data Platform and related components, design and implement smart solutions balancing costs and scalability, maintain current solutions, and collaborate closely with engineering teams and business stakeholders.

You’ll join us at an exciting moment in the HUMAN story: we joined forces with PerimeterX in a market-changing merger and recently acquired  to enhance the Human Defense Platform. Together under the HUMAN brand, we will disrupt the economics of cybercrime. We hope you can join us in that mission.

Our Technologies stack: Python, Scala, Golang, Clickhouse, Trino, Spark, Firestore, MongoDB, ES, Jenkins, GCP, Azure, AWS, and more.

We want to work with people like you who break down problems to build up better solutions. That’s what makes us HUMAN.


HUMAN, founded in 2012, is a leading company in the AdTech industry. With a mission to protect enterprises from sophisticated bot attacks, fraud, and account abuse, HUMAN verifies the humanity of over 20 trillion interactions per week for some of the largest companies and internet platforms. The company values its employees and fosters a culture of putting people first, offering competitive compensation, benefits, and flexible working arrangements.


Our hacker roots still permeate everything we do. You will be a part of the HUMAN front line in our commitment to helping protect companies (and their customers) from both revenue and reputation risk caused by malicious bots. However, HUMAN is not the center of this story. Humans like you are. We firmly believe in putting people first. This approach spans our extensive total rewards package, including competitive compensation, benefits, and stipends – as well as our day-to-day culture – to ensure that every human is empowered to do the best work of their life. We want to hear about the marathon you’re training for. We want to see pictures of your pets. We want to know your favorite robot (we have many).

The HUMAN R&D team is pivotal to our mission. They are the ones uncovering and fighting bot operations like PARETO, ICEBUCKET, 3ve, and Methbot. HUMAN supports our R&D humans by strongly valuing in-depth work and flexibility. HUMAN is fully committed to flexible working arrangements to ensure our humans can do the best work of their lives.


  • 5+ years of professional software development experience using Python and Scala
  • Strong knowledge of data modeling and previous experience in building data warehouses, data lakes, or other data models
  • Familiarity with data governance practices and implementation, including data stewardship, data quality, data lifecycle management, and data securit
  • Proficiency in creating batch and streaming data pipelines
  • Deep knowledge of building, scaling, and managing large-scale data pipelines within the cloud, preferably GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
  • Strong database knowledge, including relational DB (OLTP and OLAP) and NoSQL solutions. Hands-on experience with DDL/DML/SQL queries
  • Must-have experience with Clickhouse, Trino/Spark, and MongoDB
  • Experience in proposals and write-ups, with the ability to determine pros and cons


  • Knowledge of advertising technology (conceptually)
  • JavaScript (JS) experience
  • Experience with Golang
  • Additional Tools: Jenkins, Datadog, Docker

Personal Profile

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Advanced English proficiency


  • Take ownership of the data platform and all related components
  • Design and implement smart solutions that balance costs and scalability
  • Maintain and enhance current solutions using available tools and instruments
  • Collaborate closely with engineering teams and keep business stakeholders informed
  • Create batch and streaming data pipelines, both real-time and micro-batch
  • Ensure robust data governance practices, including data stewardship, data quality, data lifecycle management, and data security


  • Diversity of Domains & Businesses
  • Variety of technology
  • Health & Legal support
  • Active professional community
  • Continuous education and growing
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work
  • Outstanding offices (if you choose it)
  • Sports and community activities


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