Security Researcher (AdTech Business Unit)

Brazil Latin America JavaScript Software Developer

Required skills

JavaScript / good
Knowledge of internet and web browsers work / strong
English / strong

We are looking for a Security Researcher who is ready to take ownership of a key Security Research analysis initiative. If you:  

  • are looking for new, innovative ways to solve complex problems, ideally through rigorous experimentation, at times working independently 
  • have a track record of solving difficult problems 
  • are naturally passionate about learning and growing your skillset 
  • have the passion to teach, coach, and mentor 

Then we are waiting for you! 


  • Deep knowledge of how the internet and web browsers work. Proficient knowledge of JavaScript 
  • Understanding of threats, fraud, information security vulnerabilities, and other cyber security-related events 
  • Bachelor’s degree and 4-8 years of experience in related fields (i.e. browser security, intelligence analysis, digital forensics, threat hunting, government analysis)  
  • Track record of independent, creative problem solving with large amounts of complex data 
  • Ability to write high-quality documentation 
  • Willingness to give presentations both internally and externally 


Nice to have:

  • Skills in developing processes and methodologies for investigations 
  • Experience with training teams 
  • One or more cyber-related certifications (i.e. CISSP, GCFA, GCFE, Sec+) 
  • Python or other coding experience 
  • Dynamic or static analysis of software using 3rd party tools 
  • Databases  (SQL) experience 

Personal Profile

  • You are a curious, persistent person who is always thinking out of the box that wants to apply your knowledge to always do the right thing 
  • You are open, transparent, and can work in tight collaboration with anyone 
  • You are comfortable communicating in a decentralized work environment and across organizations 


  • Play a lot with web browsers, trying to find differences in behavior between them 
  • Research and develop signal collection on both mobile and desktop, which enables detection and defense deployments 
  • Find ways to detect automation, for example, tools like Selenium, Playwright, or Puppeteer 
  • Find ways to hide or otherwise game ad placements on the web and mobile environments 
  • Understand customer specific requirements, deliver with impact, and exceed customer expectations 
  • Share security research topics through research talks, knowledge base, and external engagements including media interviews and conference presentations, detailing your discoveries for internal and external sharing 
  • Discover adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures leveraged by bots 
  • Create and validate data insights to enhance detection excellence 
  • Find bad stuff on the internet, see if you can figure out how it is done, document it 
  • Red team, experiment, and develop new tactics for various kinds of fraud and to bypass our detection 
  • Stay abreast of cyber security trends and events related to our mission 
  • Contribute high-impact work that substantially benefits team level metrics and OKRs 
  • Develop techniques, tools, and scripts to simplify yours and others work 


  • Diversity of Domains & Businesses
  • Variety of technology
  • Health & Legal support
  • Active professional community
  • Continuous education and growing
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work
  • Outstanding offices (if you choose it)
  • Sports and community activities


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