Middle/Senior DevOps Engineer (Migration)

  • Remote (Ukraine only)
  • DevOps

Are you an experienced DevOps Engineer, who knows how to create  CI/CD infrastructure? Do you enjoy working with AWS cloud and know how to use included survives? Then welcome to the team!

You will be a part of the team of five DevOps engineers from Sigma Software side, working in an Agile way with the customer’s team and product owner from the UK.

Your DevOps tasks will include:

  • Helm and Terraform deployment
  • Kubectl commands to obtain: logs, describe pods, deployments
  • Splunk searches
  • Finding Prometheus alerts
  • Debugging EKS, using curl to get events
  • Debugging scoreboards
  • Creating GitLab CI pipelines to deploy to K8S
  • Terraform run


Our project is about migration of the betting platform from on-premise to AWS cloud, using Terraform and K8S.

Meet your team!
  • Responsibilities

    • Migrate the infrastructure from on-premises into cloud
    • Implement automation tools and frameworks (CI/CD pipelines)
    • Participating in tasks related to controlling, scheduling, planning and doing the deployment of releases to different environments, ensuring that the integrity of live environments is protected and that the correct components are released
    • Collaborate with team members to improve the project’s engineering tools, systems, and procedures, and data security
    • Maintain and monitor all network, security and computer systems to meet the project’s current and future requirements
    • Professionally represent the infrastructure team as a technical consultant on projects
    • Work alongside project management teams to successfully monitor progress and implementation of projects
  • Requirements

    • At least 3+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer
    • Deep knowledge and practical experience with AWS EKS service is a must
    • Experience working with CI/CD infrastructure
    • Good Terraform knowledge is a must
    • Extensive experience with Kubernetes
    • Hands-on infrastructure monitoring with Prometheus
    • At least Intermediate level of English