JavaScript Intern

  • Kharkiv
  • Lviv
  • Remote (Ukraine only)
  • JavaScript
  • Where: Kharkiv, Lviv, Remote
  • When:01 March 2021
  • Type of internship: in a group
  • Duration of internship: 5 weeks
  • Schedule: Part time engagement
  • Scholarship: provided

Are you energetic and enthusiastic? We’re seeking for guys with fire in the eyes and want to learn JS promptly.

  • Responsibilities

    • Learn new technologies quickly and gain experience in applying them on real projects
    • Closely communicate and interact with your mentor, participate in personal training plan creation with your mentor
    • Study recommended training materials
    • Participate in software development using Agile development processes
    • Be able to demonstrate current skills and skills progress for Junior JavaScript Developer
    • Desire to learn and development
    • Вe proactive and problem solving
  • Requirements

    Theoretical knowledge:

    • At least Intermediate level of spoken and written English.
    • Good knowledge of OOP and SOLID Principles.
    • Basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
    • Basic knowledge of Design Patterns (MVC, MVVM, Singleton, Observer, Decorator, etc.).
    • Good practical experience with one of the modern IDEs (WebStorm, VisualCode, e.g.).
    • Basic knowledge of how to create HTML markup (semantic HTML, basics of adaptive and responsive layout, work with graphics, etc.).
    • Good practical experience in HTML5, CSS3.
    • Good knowledge and practice in JavaScript basics and principles.
    • Basic knowledge and practice in data transfer protocols (HTTP, WebSocket, AJAX, etc.)

    Basic knowledge and experience with:

    • ECMAScript 6, ECMAScript 7, ESNext.
    • Task managers and bundlers (NPM, Gulp, Webpack, etc.).
    • TypeScript / Flow
    • CSS pre-processors (LESS / SASS / Stylus).
    • Version Control Systems (Git).
    • One the popular JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue, etc.).
    • Webpages Debugging and Performance optimization.
    • Basic knowledge of SDLC and Agile methodology