Head of IT Solutions Department

Ukraine Management

Required skills

English / strong
Communication skills / strong
Time Management / strong
Leadership / strong

Sigma Software is looking for a Head of the IT Solutions Department. The primary mission of this role is to automate business operations by providing relevant IT solutions and systems to the whole organization.  

This role involves (1) ensuring existing systems meet their goals, making the business more efficient and effective, as well as (2) implementation of changes and new systems based on the business cases such needs are based on. 

The Head of IT Solutions Department will work closely with heads of other business functions and with the Chief Innovation Officer to analyze business needs and current challenges to build the business automation roadmap. The role ensures that internal digital initiatives fully integrate into strategic planning, including leadership commitment, resource allocation, and execution. This position is strategic in nature, and you will be required to look at and influence medium to long-term business goals.  

Your team will consist of a business and systems analyst(s) as well as an architect(s) who will consult the business in (re-)engineering processes, determine requirements for automation, and assist in market research and business case composition. An essential part of your work will be creating business cases that would justify investments in new initiatives and verifying whether existing systems provide sufficient value worth keeping in the portfolio. This will require great analytical expertise and the ability to identify value and quantify benefits. 

You will report to the EVP of Delivery and work closely with delivery units to execute the automation strategy. 


  • At least 5 years of project or program portfolio management experience, including expertise in building highly scalable, extensible solutions 
  • Hands-on experience in creating business cases and calculating return on investments 
  • Negotiation and vendor management experience 
  • Strategic thinking, proven experience in designing solutions from vision to execution, and making decisions in the near term, medium term, and long term based on organizational goals and values 
  • Good knowledge and modeling skills in Business and Enterprise Architecture domains 
  • Experienced in leading teams (including teams of Project Managers) and moving people into action toward a common vision and goal, holding the highest standards of excellence and accuracy of work 
  • Ability to direct yourself and others with clear communication and high organization skills to meet deadlines and direct multiple priorities at once, including across teams in the company when necessary 
  • Expert knowledge of Project and Program Management, tools, and techniques 
  • Experience in managing portfolios of products 
  • Strong understanding of key architectural concepts such API, SOA, ETL, etc. 
  • Advanced in documenting as-is and to-be pictures in business and software engineering languages 
  • Advanced understanding of corporate environment and objectives 
  • Experience in advising key stakeholders at senior and board levels 
  • Proactive and highly organized, with strong time management and planning skills 
  • Advanced or fluent English. Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills 
  • Experience leading and managing a remote workforce 
  • Having ITIL knowledge, experience, and certifications would be a great plus 


This role encompasses three main zones of focus:   

  • General digitalization planning:  
    • Thanks to close cooperation with company functions, detect processes that require automation or change in how automation works today, ground and plan automation projects aimed at better ROI, effectiveness, or company competitiveness.  
    • Develop business cases for automation projects, including make-or-buy decisions, forecast expenses, and business impact 
    • In close cooperation with the Chief Innovation Officer, maintain internal automation development strategy bringing innovation and clarity of the enterprise architecture 
    • For “make” decisions, set up project goals, and track progress and limitations. 
    • For those automation projects that require new software product development, consider and facilitate the spin-off of internal automation to commercial sales to reduce the company’s investment in development 
    • Facilitate the development of the company’s network aimed at using internal automation products outside the organization and raise additional funds for further product development 
    • Compose and keep up-to-date annual budgets, forecasts, and actuals for the portfolio of all IT solutions 
  • Execution:  
    • For make-or-buy decisions, perform vendor search and selection, where applicable, and execute purchasing, implementation, and integration 
    • Lead and control Project Managers for “make” projects to maintain the full software project lifecycle and support the building industry-leading, search engine optimized, robust, and innovative software solutions that fit the purpose 
    • Facilitate technology and methodology decisions making throughout all automation projects, including standardization of system architecture, reusable code base development, software tools versions, best practices, source control, and deployment processes 
    • Control the quality and technical approach taken by business units and external vendors, ensuring it is in line with the company strategy – and that projects are delivered on time and budget 
    • Implement the company’s HR policy and participate directly in the recruitment of personnel for your needs in cooperation with the Human Resource and Recruiting Department 
    • Manage products portfolio, including providing transparency of products purpose to company employees
  • Work with KPIs:  
    • Introduce and maintain product KPIs to understand the impact on the users, their comfort, motivation, and effectiveness 
    • Track and facilitate improving engineering and product management practices for those projects where new software is created by business units or external vendors 
    • Track and ensure reaching the expected effect of automation projects, mainly impact on speed, effectiveness, cost saving, and company image 


  • Diversity of Domains & Businesses
  • Variety of technology
  • Health & Legal support
  • Active professional community
  • Continuous education and growing
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work
  • Outstanding offices (if you choose it)
  • Sports and community activities


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