DevOps Engineer

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  • DevOps

Are you a motivated DevOps Engineer who wants to become a part of a dynamic team in particular and DevOps community overall? Do you want to challenge yourself by working with new tools? Are you eager to work with various projects and technologies? Then come join us!

In this role, you’ll help to automate and streamline our deployment operations and processes as well as build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring, and operations. You are supposed to be a great troubleshooter – to resolve issues in our development, testing, and production environments.


Most of our projects are in AdTech Domain and have big infrastructure. Also, we have Social Domain projects, which are quite complex. All projects are in active development phase and have CI/CD practices, unit and integration tests, code review and git flow in place.

Meet your team!
  • Responsibilities

    • Take part in environment/architecture planning
    • Automation of CI/CD and other processes on a project
    • Optimization of existing environments/structure
    • Provide recommendations for new technologies and procedures to improve service availability and management
    • Troubleshoot production system and network issues related to performance and functionality
    • Support for existing environments
    • Consulting of development team on infrastructure-related questions
  • Requirements

    • Experience with a leading cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure
    • Enterprise scale software development
    • Release management experience
    • Experience with one or several facets of infrastructure (Networking, Compute, Security, IAM, Configuration, Automation, etc.)
    • Knowledge of at least one programming language (Java, Python, C/C++, Scala, Ruby, etc.)
    • Experience with live systems troubleshooting
    • Experience with CI/CD tools (TeamCity, Jenkins, CircleCI, Terraform, etc.)
    • Strategic thinking, complex problem solving, and analytical capabilities
    • Good in working with serverless compute resources and container environments such as Docker, Kubernetes, ECS
    • Intermediate level of English
  • Personal Profile

    Intelligent, communicative team-player personality, who is willing to learn new skills and technologies.