Associate Data Engineer (AdTech)

Latin America Python Software Developer

Required skills

Python / good
SQL / good
English / strong

Where: LATAM (remote)

When: February 02, 2024

Type of program:  individual

Duration of program: 6 months

Schedule:  full -time

Scholarship: provided

We view technology as a tool and aren’t religious about it. We put these tools in service of our customers and love it when a hard problem can be solved in a simple, beautiful, and cost-effective way. This drives our technology choices today and will drive them tomorrow, and the day after.

By joining us, you will get the unique opportunity to conduct an individual program at Sigma Software Group.

The opportunity is really unique, as you will have:

– A dedicated mentor/supervisor only for you

– A dedicated learning roadmap only for you

– A possibility to become a part of the best commercial project in the AdTech domain


Our client provides a solution that helps publishers control Ad traffic revenue. During the first stage of development, the main platforms for the interaction will be Facebook Ads, OB Media, and Zemanta. Our main development goal is to build the system based on the “code-less” concept so the system will be self-supportive.


We are building a Competence Center where we stay focused on exploring our domain to become best-in-class specialists in the industry. If you can quickly learn new technologies, strive for high-quality solutions, and continuous development, it could be a perfect match.


  • At least 1+ years of commercial experience
  • Basic knowledge of SQL and Python
  • Solid understanding of data structures, algorithms (merge sort, linear search, bubble sort, etc.), object-oriented programming principles (inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, etc.), and the S.O.L.I.D. principles
  • Basic knowledge of at least several design patterns
  • Ability to analyze and model simple aspects of a business domain (several entities with obvious relationships between them)
  • Familiarity with version control systems like Git for collaborative development


Would be a plus


  • Knowledge of data processing frameworks (such as Apache Spark and Hadoop)
  • Knowledge of Scala

Personal Profile

  • Ability to communicate ideas to clients or stakeholders in a clear and understandable manner
  • Good analytical skills and problem-solving skills
  • Good team player


The program will be divided into 2 stages:

1. Preparatory stage

  • creating a roadmap with your mentor
  • creating a pet project or implementing pet tasks that will allow you to develop the necessary skills for the project;
  • conducting a demo session to present your results.

2. Work on a commercial project

  • release of simple tasks under the mentor`s supervision
  • participation in daily meetings
  • participation in tasks` estimating
  • writing documentation
  • writing unit tests.


  • Diversity of Domains & Businesses
  • Variety of technology
  • Health & Legal support
  • Active professional community
  • Continuous education and growing
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work
  • Outstanding offices (if you choose it)
  • Sports and community activities


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