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We are glad to invite Engineers to join one of the most dynamically growing departments, Mobile & Web Solutions, that unites more than 200 professionals in various technologies.

We love technology and think that apps are all about the personal touch and user experience. We truly believe we can influence that in products we touch. We love to learn and share knowledge.

If you are a positive thinker with excellent communication skills who is able to start new projects, help engage new customers, and deliver software of varying complexity, you are welcome to come and join us!



Our customer is Depop, the fashion marketplace where the next generation buys, sells, and gets inspired. Here are some facts about the client:

  • The company is headquartered in London, the UK, with locations in Manchester, New York, and Australia.
  • Depop has more than 30 million registered users in 180+ countries. In the UK, 1 in 3 Gen Z/Millennials is a Depop user; in the US, they have grown 300% over two years.
  • The company is the only European player to have recently entered the top 25 shopping apps by daily active users.
  • Depop has excellent engineering culture which allows developers make own decisions on technical solutions and enjoy the coding in friendly and productive environment.



Sigma Software collaborates with Depop in various directions such as: 

  • Accessibility: Sigma Software helps provide an accessible user experience on mobile apps (iOS and Android) and comply with A and AA WCAG 2.0 guidelines.
  • Payments: Sigma Software engineers assist Depop in providing new payments experience for buyers and sellers.
  • Community Experience:¬†Depop is a community-driven business, and Sigma Software engineers help provide world-class support to the company community of buyers and sellers.



I have been working on a Depop project for over half a year and this is one of the best teams I have worked with. Team communication is very effective and straightforward. All teammates are focused on the features and try to do their best to contribute. Team management creates a friendly atmosphere that motivates people to achieve new heights. Thank you for the opportunity to work in such an amazing team.
I would like to mention high professionalism, open-mindedness of the team, and adequate management. This allows the product to develop and keep users happy. It is especially valuable and interesting to work on a product that affects users' lives. We don't stop there and improve the product further.
Depop project team in Sigma Software has a very special vibe. Just imagine a team of highly skilled professionals who are focused on making a difference. The company cares about people they are working with - Depop employees, Sigma Software team as a partner and, of course, the whole Depop community.
The first thing that I appreciate about Depop is people. Everyone knows that people are the key factor in each project, since no one can do great job without a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. From sprint to sprint I learn new things not only about the code, programming approaches, code refactoring but about the life itself. Each team member is unique and has their own personality, life experience, and a life story. It's awesome when they share those without self-consciousness. Another thing that brightens your work are features you implement that facilitate the life of users. They, in turn, share their excitement and gratitude on the WEB. It's really pleasant to get to know in the middle of the day that some user took a screenshot of your feature and commented how useful it was for him or her at that moment.
Depop is a place where you feel comfortable, the place where you are a part of something big remaining creative on day to day basis. The culture of the company makes me feel I work on my project with friends of mine. I think this is a priceless point