Test Engineers caring about their products and striving to make them the best on the market are welcomed to become a part of our company. If getting things done is not an obligation for you but rather a way of life; if you want to develop in software testing and get a great boost in technical skills then keep reading.



This spring was truly rich in opportunities for Test Engineers. Therefore, we are proud to present you not just one, but a whole list of projects in various areas. So pick what sounds more exciting to you – and go ahead and apply at the bottom of the page:

  1. A cross-platform tool to aggregate data from different ad/media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Ads, providing insight on ad alignment, brand safety, performance metrics, etc.
  2. An interactive language learning game for kids.
  3. A part of the system for centralized data storage and processing, responsible for data transformation, aggregation, and saving.
  4. A system intended to speed up and simplify the process of cell networks setup and maintenance.
  5. An application intended to connect people from all over the world within the community that is focused on mindfulness and personal development.
  6. A system for gathering data from various sensors located in production facilities, composing and managing maintenance tasks and providing predictive maintenance using AI and ML.
  7. A web advertisement platform with rich and complex back-end and web-based portal.
  8. Development of modern and highly flexible casino slots for one of the most advanced casino gaming providers on the market. We are working on the creation of high-quality gaming content, designed for multi-device consumption, which includes smartphones, tablets, and websites.


  • Maintain and improve the current testing approach
  • Analyze and clarify requirements
  • Plan and estimate testing activities
  • Create test documentation (test cases, checklist, mind map)
  • Perform manual functional, integration, regression and compatibility testing
  • Report issues, monitor reported issues, and verify after they are resolved
  • Effectively collaborate with developers and customer-side PO
  • Suggest and introduce the necessary QA statistics


  • At least 3-year experience in test engineering
  • Experience and deep awareness of functional testing
  • Experience in manual functional, compatibility, integration testing
  • Experience in API testing
  • Strong knowledge of client-server architecture
  • Strong Analytical skills, able to contribute to requirements analysis
  • Experience in Agile software development, task management, and tracking tools
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good estimation skills
  • At least Intermediate level of spoken and written English


  • Getting Things Done person
  • Well-organized and detail-oriented
  • Analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Able to build a good relationship with the team and ready to become a part of the team
  • Strong reporting skills – nice to have