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Looking for an exciting opportunity in a global company that fosters ambition and growth? Look no further! Join Sigma Software in Latin America and grow with us. You can get a $1000 sign-in bonus. Apply for one of our vacancies, and our recruiters will contact you soon to discuss your career prospects.*

* The offer is available for some Middle and Senior positions when you accept an offer within one business day 

Sigma Software is a leading global software development company, established in 2002, with offices in 12 countries worldwide, including Sweden, Ukraine, the USA, Canada, UAE, Poland, and more. We specialize in providing top-quality software development services across various business domains. Don’t miss this opportunity to join our excellent team and advance your professional growth!

Key Facts

Key Facts

We are a Swedish company with offices and clients all over the world

We work with diverse domains, product houses, enterprises and startups

We invest in education and help people to grow with Sigma Software University




Years on the market


Clients in 30+countries


100 the global outsourcing

Community in Latin America

events in Latin America

Sigma Software is well-known as one of the top IT companies in Europe. We’ve already built a vast tech community in Sweden and Ukraine with its people, atmosphere, events, and support. Currently, we expand the community to the Latin American and US tech markets and launch online and offline events there! We gladly support the tech community, and participate in local conferences, as TDC Brazil. We also plan many more exciting events in Latin America, so stay tuned!

And right now why not to take a quiz about history of tech and have some fun?



What do we value?


What do we value?


We provide premier value IT services, keeping the focus on helping our customers reach their business goals. And we believe that our values help us to implement this mission.

  • Our team is built on professionalism and mutual respect
  • We appreciate autonomy of decisions our people make
  • Trust, commitment, and openness: we keep our promises
  • We embrace non- discriminating  policy and welcome all cultures and personalities
  • We follow Social Responsibility principles, and support local communities and social initiatives


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