Time to build the future of construction industry

The project is about implementation of new modules and features of a management system, specifically designed for the construction industry to manage and supervise staff overseeing the daily work at the construction site. It is a “living” high load solution that works in a real-time mode, accessed by thousands workers each day.


The main goal of all products is to make the construction process easy for all participants, including regulating legal issues and safety measures between construction companies and construction site administrators.


Key facts about the project:

  • Live products represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland and UK
  • Tens of thousands connected IoT devices sending millions of packets every day
  • Hundreds of thousands real users communicating with our products daily
  • Distributed and experienced team working with embedded, hardware design, server and mobile applications
  • This project also carries a social mission to make construction sites a safer place to work. Equipping a site with such software solutions ensures a reduction of number of work injuries and accidents
  • Being energy-efficient and eco-friendly, these sites cause much less damage to our planet than most construction sites do.


Overall account size is 27 persons having quite a high seniority level. The default setup of a development unit is: Team Lead, 3-4 Developers, 1-2 Test Engineers being supported by a supervising Architect, Project and Operations Managers.