AdTech or Video Streaming? Which of the two sounds more interesting to you?


As you may have guessed – we are building two solutions related to AdTech and Video Streaming. Two innovative projects, two industries, and one modern technology. Be sure – both of them are equally exciting and fun to work on.


The solutions we are developing have something in common – they are built on Node.js programming language and have a US-based client with years of experience in the area. To tell even more, each project will encourage you to actively participate in the development process, offer solutions, and initiate changes.


Striking points about our solutions:

  • Well-invested US-based startups
  • Active development phase
  • State-of-the-art technologies like Node.js and React
  • Direct communication with skillful customers
  • Customers are open to your expert opinion

Your future team is in need of your Node.js hand. Are you in?