It is much more motivating to work on something that makes the world a better place. We are starting an enormous socially significant aviation project called to enhance aviation safety. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, our future product will make a flight crew better prepared for various real-life situations happening in their day-to-day operations.


We are seeking an active Project Manager, ambitious and independent .NET Developers, and curious Test Engineers who will be involved into the development of this web application and will bring their expertise, ideas, and enthusiasm to the table.




Have you ever heard of Dangerous Goods Regulation in the aviation business? To be short, it is a set of rules for safe handling and shipping of dangerous goods. Because this process is often life-threatening to the people dealing with it, our future solution aims to make it safer and all the problems associated with it much more predictable.


The product we are building will simulate real-life situations happening in day-to-day operations with the help of modern technologies, including 3D visualization, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. 3D environment and models enable trainees immersing into the situation and creating near the real-life experience of working with objects and goods in the field.


This way the training is much more efficient and allows the trainees to polish and test the skills in a simulated situation as close to reality as possible. The situations to be trained include actions in case of dangerous accidents, which could happen during Dangerous Goods handling and shipment.




Sigma Software will deliver the solution aimed at:

  1. Simulating various situations/scenarios that may occur during Dangerous Goods handling and shipment
  2. Providing capabilities enabling user interacting with the simulated environment as if it was a real situation
  3. Tracking, evaluating, and assessing trainee’s actions
  4. Providing analytics and comprehensive reports for instructors.




The project team will include a Project Manager, a Solution Architect, a Team Lead, 4-5 Developers, 1-2 Test Engineers, an HTML/CSS Developer, a Graphic Designer, a Security Testing Specialist.




This aviation project is an exceptional opportunity to start a new product, work with cutting-edge technologies, and take part in the decision-making. Sigma Software’s team is responsible for every stage of the development, from the proof of concept and up to the launch into production. So, if you join now, you will be present at all stages.


The web application will base on ASP.NET Core framework. In order to provide excellent user experience, we are going to apply React JavaScript framework.


WebGL and PlayCanvas are the key tools for 3D visualization of training scenarios in the browser.


The application will be hosted on AWS. DG Trainer Simulation Tool Web App will cache data in Redis and store data in a PostgreSQL database.


Ready to make a difference? Join us today: