Our Californian Startup is desperate for a technical team of skilful specialists: a DevOps Engineer, a Python Developer, and a React.js Developer to help us in our quest to build from scratch a comprehensive system for advertising campaign management. Profound experience with AWS stack, sharp brain, and proactiveness are highly valued by our US client.


Working on this project, you will have an opportunity to find and offer interesting solutions to perform project tasks as well as try your hand at high-performance technologies.


Be sure, day-to-day experience with cutting-edge technologies like AWS, participation in communication and decision making will help you put your skills to use and grow your expertise.



So what is it all about? We are working on a powerful marketing mechanism being able to manage up to billions of complex records, such as video metadata, and provide tools for performing all kinds of analysis, auditing, auto-correction of advertising campaigns targeting, etc. We are planning to integrate the system with such social media platforms as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram as well as various services like GoogleAds and AWS services (Lambdas, DynamoDB, SQS/SNS, Cognito, IAM, S3, CloudFormation, CodePipeline, VPC). So as a technical specialist you will have a bunch of complex puzzles to solve and a lot of decisions to make.


Sounds like a challenge, right?


But don’t worry, we have got you covered – you will be provided with the best tools and will be surrounded with true IT professionals who will support you in the process of creating this high-performing and responsive marketing platform.


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