“The more skills you have, the more challenging and exciting tasks you get,” this way Alexandr Karlin, Leader of Test Automation Initiative Group, motivates his team to be AMBITIOUS AND EAGER FOR NEW HEIGHTS!


Also, he encourages them to be CURIOUS and EXPLORATIVE. It was curiosity that brought his team member Elena Ozerova to the position she holds right now – Middle Test Automation Engineer. She started her career at Sigma Software as an Intern Manual Test Engineer, but thanks to her itch for knowledge, she kept researching about various Testing approaches and methods and ended up at a position she enjoys so much.


Alex’s another requirement for his team is to OWN WHAT YOU DO, be responsible for your results. Then you can be sure that you are bringing value to your team!


Everyone joining our Department as a Test Automation Engineer gets:

1. Extensive Knowledge Base of best practices, lessons learned, and approaches – it is all available for you to learn from
2. Institute of mentorship – no matter what your level is, you will always have a skillful mentor who will boost your professional development
3. Possibility to be a cross-functional expert – you can grow not only in one fixed area of Test Automation but also in many related fields like Estimation, Manual Testing, Performance Testing, Test Documentation, Requirements Management
4. Freedom to pick technologies – we have no strict rule about which toolkit to use – if you suggest a suitable and promising solution fulfilling project needs – you will be able to implement it
5. Choose your own professional development pace – be it a balanced, gradual growth, or dynamic fast development


We believe these are great points to consider while finding new career opportunities. At the moment, Alex and Olena are looking for Test Automation Engineers for their projects. Would you like to join? Check our open Test Automation positions here: