AdTech Solution

Have you heard of ad campaigns, creation of which takes as much time as ordering a takeaway? Jokes apart, Sigma Software team together with our US client has built such a unique solution. It was 5 years ago when our development team has first put their hands on this comprehensive Ad Tech product and started building a mobile advertising platform from scratch. It allows small businesses to quickly and easily create and manage digital ad campaigns for mobile devices targeted by geolocation.


Now we are looking for a Senior FullStack JavaScript Developer, Middle Node.js Developer, and Middle Test Engineer to join the team and take an active part in the development and enhancement of this solution.




That’s a great opportunity to dive into details of AdTech domain. You have a perfect chance to participate in the creation of a solution for an advertising platform. It includes a number of components interacting with each other to offer a scalable, powerful, and yet easy-to-use solution to advertisers, while also delivering the best quality content to its end-users, at the right time. The solution integrates with third-party services, gathers a huge amount of data, processes and transforms it into useful information on dashboards that can help experts of big media holdings make right decisions on the strategy of their advertising campaigns.




  • Working in a modern AdTech Domain
  • Global Advertising Platform which has already powered more than 5 Billion local ads
  • Stable and reliable project, which is more than 5 years on the market
  • Team of seasoned professionals with high seniority levels (Middle and Senior Software Developers)
  • Possibility to work with the team that has been on a project from day 1 and consult with them when challenges arise
  • Chance to be a part of a professional JS Developers Community
  • Our customer is a product development company based in the US and UK
  • The customer is closely cooperating with the team, is in a warm and friendly relationship with all team members


Sounds exciting? Apply to one of the following positions: