Be sure that being a part of this team will help you keep pace with innovations and best practices. This is your chance to grow professionally, master your skills, work on complex and challenging solutions.


You will have many opportunities to offer your enhancements, ideas on the project technology stack, and approaches.
Our Customer is highly open to the team’s professional opinion, so you will have a chance to initiate changes and choose technologies and approaches.



LeoVegas is a mobile gaming company and provider of online casino and sports betting services. 

The company was founded in 2011 to create the ultimate mobile gaming experience and be number one in the mobile casino. Every year, LeoVegas is acknowledged by numerous awards as the best gaming operator.


Today our client is Europe’s premier GameTech company at the forefront of using state-of-the-art technology for mobile gaming. A large part of this success can be credited to an extreme product and technology focus coupled with effective and data-driven marketing.



The Persona team mainly works on user identification services to prevent money laundering. The team is involved in customer onboarding services which are responsible for new users’ signup.  




Java 8-15, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, JPA, REST, Microservices, MySQL, Maven, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Git. 






The project is aimed to deliver new casino integrations to different markets and support existing ones. 

  • The team is focused on the game launchers, transactions, and reporting areas. 
  • The team is responsible for developing a new games administration tool and supporting an old games’ CMS.  





Java 8, Kotlin, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, REST, GraphQL, Protobuf, JSON, Kafka, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Docker, Kubernetes. 



The main focus area of Regulatory Reporting is to take control over all the reporting that we need to do to our regulators via our third-party provider, acquire the knowledge, and do it in a more efficient and proactive manner. This includes all the markets we are in and both real-time and non-real-time reports are demanded (monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports).


Key Responsibilities:


  • Understand all the requirements from all regulators on reporting (both real and non-real-time)
  • Understand all the requirements from all third party providers (both real and non-real-time)
  • Set validation services before reporting to third party provider (Idemia)
  • Set monitoring services for all regulatory reporting so that we are proactive
  • Eventually, remove Idemia and report directly to the regulators



Java 8, Kotlin, Spring, Spring Cloud, Spring Batch, Maven, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Microservices, MySQL, Docker, Cucumber, Jenkins, Git.



The team is developing and maintaining solutions that will allow the integration of new payment systems directly or through payment providers. 

  • Improving the current payment flow and expect a lot of new payment integrations in the future. 
  • Working on the migration of payment integration services from “Old” Java to modern Kotlin, based on pure String Boot. 




Java 8-15, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, JPA, REST, Microservices, MySQL, Maven, Kafka, RabbitMQ, GraphQL, Jenkins, Git.  



Responsible gambling


The main focus area of RG is to make sure that all of our customers playing with us are enjoying and having fun thereby not getting addicted to gambling. We also make sure that when a customer is about to have an unsound behavior, that customer is identified, intervened, and assisted.

The critical part of our daily work is a technical and architectural analysis of the system and business requirements. We believe that automated testing can keep the quality at a high level.




Java 8, Spring, Spring Cloud, Maven, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, Kotlin.


We are a community of professionals with strong technical expertise. 

We are working on a complex platform with microservices architecture for one of the leading European GameTech companies.

You will join a large account with seven sub-projects with similar technology stacks that solve different tasks. 

Long story short – one complex ecosystem, numerous work fronts, microservices architecture, and much more. We are a team that cares and has the courage to find the solution.




  • Enjoy cracking complex puzzles, invent new decisions, and do everything from scratch.
  • Are full of ideas and comments, add your changes to the project technology stack, methodology, and approaches.
  • Feel enthusiastic about challenging tasks, dynamic environments, and constant change of activity.
  • Are eager to work on a complex product that brings value to the world.
  • Desire to grow professionally in a high seniority team (70% of the team members have a Middle or higher level of seniority)




What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?


They delivered way over our expectations. The level of technicality that the team has is incredible. They’re very skilled developers and can also come up with architectural and implementation solutions, along with setting everything up themselves. They’re very self-driven.

One of the initial teams we set up is working on a core component with our internal architect. They’re the only people allowed to touch that component, and that in itself speaks to the level of detail and knowledge they have. It’s amazing.


Nicholas Usher

Software Development Manager, LeoVegas


If you are ready to contribute to this challenging and dynamic project, we invite you to join. Check out the opportunities we have for you and send your CV.


We will be happy to welcome you on board!