We believe in the power of people – goes the motto of our Swedish project developing an online marketing platform. To be more precise, it is the world’s first global booking engine for influencer marketing. And it is in need of ambitious and inspired Business Analyst and Product Manager who are ready to roll up their sleeves on day one and dive into the idea. We are looking for someone who is ready to bring his/her quirkiness to the table, enjoys collaborating over technology innovation, and is excited to tackle complex problems.


Just imagine, dozens of platforms around the world, thousands of influencers and brands will benefit from your work. To tell even more, you will launch new features and products to support our mission of connecting people at scale. We know you are excited! Just keep reading.





The project assumes the development of an online marketing platform, incorporating modern architecture and design patterns to handle today and tomorrow requirements to performance. The application allows choosing brands, following them, and then receiving relevant offers and discounts. This solution is designed for a global launch, integrated with a scalable back-end, able to handle a high load of requests from users around the world.


The project is experiencing a turning point at the moment. In the period of 3 years, the team has thoroughly analyzed the market and customer’s feedback, and now we are ready to implement all these changes into life. We are now planning to do a full upgrade of a system, adding a tone of new features and redesigning the platform. And of course, we are waiting for your fresh ideas, professional point of view, and creativity.




Be sure that you will work with a truly great team. You will join a supportive, diverse group of talented managers, designers, analysts, and engineers, most of whom work on the project from day one.



  • work in a rapidly evolving and dynamic project
  • enjoy the collaboration in a professional, big, and friendly team
  • develop a unique product in one of the most trending domains
  • practice in direct communication with business stakeholders
  • benefit from a predictable and well-established delivery process


  • are into challenges and problem-solving
  • would like to work in the field of influencer marketing
  • want to work on the project which is on an active development phase
  • are interested in the topic of UX/UI as we are planning a full redesign of the platform
  • desire to improve your English through close day-to-day communication with the customer, as well as regular customer visits
  • want to work with the team that actually started the project 3 years ago
  • would like to work on a long-term high perspective project
  • enjoy testing ideas and would like to work with our extensive pool of ideas
  • ready to express your professional point of view while deciding on important changes


Check the vacancies below and join us today to get a great experience and participate in a world-class project!