Olga Paramonova, Senior Project Manager and Leader of Stellar Competence Center in Sigma Software, has a lot of experience of managing teams with full stack engineers. She believes that this specialization brings benefits both to the team and to the engineers themselves.


“Some may think that the full stack expertise is too wide to be an advanced professional in a particular area, but the advantages of this expertise are too heavy to ignore.”


Being a full stack engineer, you can:

  • Create the entire thing that could alternatively need a team.
  • Speak solutions, not execute a part of the stories. Clients quickly notice such professionals, so for you this experience will turn into a chance to improve your communication, language, and interpersonal skills.
  • Choose between a wide range of opportunities to continue with something you love, since you have seen and tried tons of things and technologies.
  • Stay with your beloved team for a longer time supporting any business needs that arise on the customer’s horizon.

Are you ready to start?
Make your choice, switch to full stack, join the light side of the force: