Middle Full Stack Developer (Pet solution)

Latin America Remote Java Software Developer

Необхідні навички

Java / strong
JavaScript / good
React / good
Spring / good
Databases / strong

Our project aimed at the development of the Global Pet Management Solution truly has it all – a unique concept, skilled co-founders with rich technical background, generous investments, and a large stakeholder negotiating with the founders regarding the startup acquisition.


Our customer is a true startup guru having more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and more than 10 prosperous startups under his belt. Be sure, as a part of his team you will keep pace with state-of-the art technologies and practices.


We are cooperating with a US-based startup backed with one of the leading Venture Capital Firms. Together with their team, we are building from scratch a Cloud Management System allowing vet business owners and their employees to view and manage vital internal processes of the clinic. It is a unique solution covering all aspects of veterinary business management – starting with medicaments purchase and up to clients’ management.


  • Strong knowledge of Java
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of Spring Framework
  • Good knowledge of Databases (both SQL and NoSQL)
  • Proven experience working with ReactJS
  • Good English communication skills


  • Support and expand current functionality
  • Take an active part in discussing of requirements and transforming them into code
  • Regularly communicate with the customer
  • Respond in case of critical situations (like launching a new clinic)
  • Be able to develop not just a back-end part of the solution but also front-end (full-stack is appreciated)
  • Design new components and enhance the existing ones

Чому ми

  • Різноманітність доменів та бізнесу
  • Великий вибір технологій
  • Медична та юридична підтримка
  • Круте та живе комьюнiтi професiоналiв
  • Безперервна освіта та можливість росту
  • Гнучкий графік
  • Віддалена робота
  • Стильний та комфортний офіс (для твого комфорту вибору звiдки працювати)
  • Спортивні заходи та спільноти

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