Game Development Intern

  • Kyiv
  • JavaScript

Where: Kyiv

When: July 29, 2020

Type of internship: individual

Duration of internship: 3 months

Schedule: full-time

Do you like to play games and have always wanted to take part in their creation? Do you find it interesting to work with non-trivial tasks and use modern technologies? Dreaming of becoming a part of a professional and friendly team? Then keep reading!

We invite active and enthusiastic people to try their hand at game development (gambling sphere) for projects with a major focus on visual effects and product quality.

  • Responsibilities

    • Learn new technologies quickly and gain experience in applying them on real projects
    • Closely communicate and interact with your mentor, participate in personal training plan creation with your mentor
    • Study recommended training materials
    • Participate in software development using Agile development processes
    • Be able to demonstrate current skills and skills progress
    • Desire to learn JavaScript
  • Requirements

    • Theoretical knowledge:
      • Intermediate spoken and written English
      • Good knowledge of OOP and SOLID principles
      • Good knowledge of algorithms (sorting, search, etc.) and data structures (queue, stack, trees, etc.)
      • Knowledge of basics and principles of JavaScript/Typescript (prototype, functions closures, context)
      • Basic knowledge of multiple design patterns (MVC, Singleton, Observer, Decorator, Chain of Responsibility, Abstract Factory, etc.)
      • Basic understanding of HTTP (XHTML, semantic HTML, responsive web design, etc.)
      • Basic knowledge of networking (HTTP, WebSocket, AJAX, JSONP, etc.)
      • Basic understanding of QA and QC processes (suite concepts, test case/suite concepts, etc.)
    • Practical knowledge:
      • Practical experience with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/TypeScript
      • Good knowledge of some modern IDE (IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, etc.)
      • Experience with Git, SVN, etc.
      • Basic experience with any assembly tools (ant, maven, npm, grunt, gulp, webpack, etc.
    • Would be a plus:
      • Basic UML knowledge
      • ES6/ES7 knowledge
      • Debugging and performance optimization experience
      • Photoshop/Animate/Spine experience
      • Examples of your pet projects