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We are seeking a highly skilled and detail-oriented Accountant in Poland with deep knowledge of Polish accounting standards and legal requirements to join our team. The ideal candidate will manage a variety of accounting and financial tasks to ensure the accurate and timely management of our financial records.


  • Proven experience in accounting or a similar role
  • Strong knowledge of Polish accounting standards and legal requirements, including ZUS, PIT, and VAT
  • Proficiency in bank transaction processes and financial software systems
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, with proficiency in Polish, English, and Ukrainian
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines


  • Administer official programs and ensure compliance with financial regulations and standards
  • Handle employee onboarding, including processing hiring documents
  • Prepare and submit mandatory reports to ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), PIT (Personal Income Tax), and VAT (Value Added Tax) to relevant authorities
  • Conduct reconciliation acts and ensure accuracy in financial statements
  • Execute tax payments and manage financial obligations through banking systems
  • Facilitate payments to suppliers and contractors, ensuring timely and accurate transactions
  • Collect and provide financial data for periodic review, including income, expenses, and bank statements
  • Maintain effective communication with suppliers to ensure smooth operation of financial transactions
  • Assist in the submission of financial reports through legal consultants
  • Monitor PESEL numbers and participants’ and board members’ trusted profile status to ensure compliance and accuracy
  • Oversee incoming correspondence and manage the inventory for the documents

Чому ми

  • Різноманітність доменів та бізнесу
  • Великий вибір технологій
  • Медична та юридична підтримка
  • Круте та живе ком'юніті професiоналiв
  • Безперервна освіта та можливість росту
  • Гнучкий графік
  • Віддалена робота
  • Стильний та комфортний офіс (для твого комфорту вибору звiдки працювати)
  • Спортивні заходи та спільноти


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