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Необхідні навички

Test Automation / strong
Performance testing / strong
Docker / good
Kubernetes / good
English / strong

Are you interested in Blockchain technologies? Are you good at clouds? If yes, then keep reading!    

Sigma Software is looking for an experienced Performance Engineer. Grab the chance to become a part of the team building a blockchain platform that will be used by millions of Europeans in the future. 

Feeling thrilled? You are welcome to join!  


Our Client is striving to become a part of European Blockchain Services Infrastructure with their  product Relational Blockchain Nebula (RBN). RBN has the potential to address two important use cases: Digital Product Passports and Intellectual Property Rights.  


Currently, the project team is working on finalizing the use cases and testing the blockchain to prove that RBN can meet technical requirements, such as high scalability and velocity, robustness, interoperability, and more. 

Requirements for a blockchain network are very different compared to a traditional server cluster. In the blockchain world, each node in the network will be unique, so standard Kubernetes setup (with multiple identical servers) is not feasible. Therefore, traditional tools might not work. In the project, the team has several custom-made network management tools that are specifically created for their network needs. 


  • Experience in performance testing 
  • Strong test automation design skills (OOP, composition, Page Object, Singleton, SOLID, etc.) 
  • Solid general technical knowledge 
  • Experience in benchmarking, capacity, load, endurance, stress testing, etc. 
  • Good knowledge of characteristics of good requirements and an ability to perform requirements analysis 
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud (AWS) 
  • Monitoring and instrumentation with Prometheus, Open Telemetry 
  • Infrastructure as code using Terraform 
  • Practical experience with CI/CD using GitLab 
  • Ability to follow existing project processes and suggest improvements 
  • Ability to perform troubleshooting and operational decision-making   


  • Perform planning and estimation of testing activities 
  • Gather and analyze requirements, clarify them if necessary 
  • Create and review test documentation: test strategies, test cases and suites, checklists, mind maps, etc. 
  • Support automation of performance testing execution and reporting 
  • Analyze test results and coordinate with development teams for bug fixes  
  • Generate test summary reports and analyze root causes of performance issues and provide corrective actions  
  • Collect, organize, and analyze performance requirements   
  • Work with project stakeholders to develop performance test plans and cases 

Чому ми

  • Різноманітність доменів та бізнесу
  • Великий вибір технологій
  • Медична та юридична підтримка
  • Круте та живе ком'юніті професiоналiв
  • Безперервна освіта та можливість росту
  • Гнучкий графік
  • Віддалена робота
  • Стильний та комфортний офіс (для твого комфорту вибору звiдки працювати)
  • Спортивні заходи та спільноти

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