If you know why order 0 and then 9999999  products, then this event is for you!

 Software Testers are people who try software to the limit. They are responsible for reliability and failure-free operation of applications and system solutions that can affect an entire company or corporation, or city. 

 We invite strong Manual and Automated Testing specialists to join Sigma Software Hiring Day on July 7-8 and catch an awesome career opportunity!

Try your hand at this challenge and become one of Sigma Software!


Not an ordinary event!

Pass the Quiz – only 15 questions are between you and your perfect job match

Send us your CV: team@sigma.software

Pass an interview – after successfully passing the Quiz, you will have an interview with our Testing experts (July 7-8)

Accept the job offer in 24 hours, join our team, and get a certificate to a gadget store – $1,000 for a Junior, $1,500 for a Middle, or $2,000 for a Senior position


It is fun – we hope you will like our Quiz

It is interesting – our top testers are going to interview you and give feedback 

It is useful – you get a chance to join a dream team


Why participate?

With Sigma Software, you can:

  • unlock your career and get hired in 24 hours; 
  • become an excellent Software Tester or even lead a team;
  • master the skills to upgrade your level;

We all are engineers from different directions, cities, and mindsets; we all have some tips and tricks. At Sigma Software, we are open to ideas, creativity, and personal development.

  • become a speaker, mentor, or brand ambassador;
  • meet new people, true professionals with the desire to change the world.

The Software Testing Hiring Day will connect you with real people having tremendous experience in the profession.

Everyday Beyond and Above!


Get your career on the right track


    We have more than 25 open vacancies


    20 projects in Automotive, IoT, Telecom, AdTech. Game Dev, and other domains


    A certificate to a gadget store for those who accept offers ($1,000 - Junior, $1,500 - Middle, or $2,000 - Senior position)

Are you looking for a time-saving way to grow your career?


Then just follow these easy steps:

  1. Pass the Quiz 
  2. Send us your CV in the form below or to team@sigma.software!
  3. Pass the interview with our Testing experts (July 7 – 8)
  4. Accept the job offer in 24 hours and join our team
  5. Get a certificate for a gadget store ($1000 – 2,000)

Our experts will contact you and help you make the right choice based on your competence and skills.