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Our project on the visual platform truly has it all – a unique concept, rich functionality, skilled and proactive customers with extensive technical backgrounds.

However, we are missing front-end and Ruby on Rails specialists who are not afraid to solve difficult tasks, invent new decisions, and do everything from scratch. At the moment, we are hiring a Middle/Senior Front-end Developer and a Middle/Senior Ruby on Rails Developer to help develop the front and back-end parts of the solution.

This is the kind of project where you have the opportunity to come up with solutions to all kinds of problems followed with valuable feedback from the team and customer. It is an innovative solution that offers space for new knowledge and experience. 


Be sure, as a part of this team, you will keep pace with innovations and best practices.


The exciting thing about the product is that it is like a puzzle that keeps the team in a constant focus offering the space for new knowledge and versatile experience. The solution is unique and has no analog on the market.  

You will enjoy this opportunity if:

Why apply

  • You have good JavaScript and Three.js (WebGL) skills or experience with Angular 2+ or React (for the Middle/Senior Front-end Developer position) and proficient Ruby on Rails skills (for the Middle/Senior Ruby on Rails Developer position)
  • You are not afraid to solve difficult tasks, invent new decisions, and do everything from scratch
  • You are full of ideas and inspired to create robust and beautiful solutions
  • You have excellent communication skills and spoken English in order to be able to efficiently communicate with the Product Owner on the Customer side
  • You are eager to work on a project with rich functionality that has no analogs on the market
  • You feel enthusiastic about challenging tasks, dynamic environment, and constant change of activity


The team consists of front-end and back-end developers, test engineers, designers, and a devops engineer focused on personal development and growth. There is a spirit of collaboration and transparency. 


Everyone on the team has the freedom for creativity and suggestions. Be sure that you will have support from more experienced team members and your personal preferences will be taken into account.


All team members, from Junior to Senior specialists, are contributing to the project backlog, it’s not about the seniority, it’s all about your initiative and proactiveness.


Our Customer is a startup from the UK that is extremely open to the professional opinion of the team, so you will have a chance to initiate changes, choose technologies and approaches. The Customer highly welcomes team members’ ideas and proactiveness.


You will work with the Product Owner from the Customer side on a daily basis, so a high level of English and outstanding communication skills will be of big help.


Online shopping often lacks a sense of reality. Being able to view, spin, and zoom products as if it was in the physical store might sound impossible when sitting in front of a digital device. We are developing a cutting-edge visual platform ToySphere called to help store owners better present their products on the web. It offers a new way to explore and shop on the web. ToySphere enhances buyers’ web experience and makes the process of web browsing smooth on any device.


Products are visualized as separate spheres. Let’s walk through the Lego example, which has recently started using the technology for selling their products. ToySphere takes all the LEGO themes and puts them into “spheres” to give you a visual way to see all of the sets that have been released in a particular theme from the last decade. By zooming in on a certain item, you can either check out the description or purchase it. 


See yourself how it works:


The project is in the active development phase and the main technology stack is based on the Three.js (WebGL) technology on the front-end and Ruby on Rails on the back-end.  We pay a lot of attention to performance and user experience so that users of all devices with all kinds of resolutions could have a real-life experience and the feeling of interactive engagement while shopping. This part is already worked out and is being constantly improved. The next step is to create admin parts for spheres creation and publishing. This way any user without special skills will be able to create a sphere. 



The project foresees rich functionality that has no analogs. One of them is our own Analytics tool. This is your chance to try your hand at various things. In the future, we are also planning to introduce 3D models, so if you take interest in these complex and challenging technologies, then you will enjoy this position. 

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If you are ready to contribute to this challenging and dynamic project, then we invite you to join. Check out the opportunities we have for you and send your CV.


We will be happy to welcome you on board!