Here is a high-class opportunity for experienced and passionate specialists who would like to start a new project for Toyota Company – the company that stood at the origins of Lean Manufacturing.


Join the team and help us implement your ideas into a new warehouse management platform. Be at the centre of it all together with Toyota.


The domain of our project is the intelligent software communicating with the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and existing infrastructure such as warehouse management systems, goods identification, and other material handling equipment.


Our goal is to make efficient management of the material handling equipment in terms of time and cost. The goal is to rollout the solution to different end-clients warehouses.



We are starting to work on an intelligent software from Toyota. It is installed as an integration layer communicating with the Toyota Autopilot automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and your existing infrastructure such as warehouse management systems, goods identification and other material handling equipment. The solution offers operational robustness and optimises warehouse resource utilisation, for flexibility, smooth integration and a continuous flow of your operations.


The main features of the product allow:

  • monitoring activities with the user-friendly interface
  • smooth integration with existing on-site systems
  • dynamic order allocation to optimize all orders, all the time
  • smart dynamic traffic routing always choosing the optimal path



Toyota Material Handling Europe is one of the world’s largest suppliers of material handling solutions, both within forklifts and related products and services. The subsidiary Logistics Solutions (TMHLS), which is a central part of the development and innovation part of Toyota Material Handling is located at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. Logistics Solutions develops solutions in automation, telematics, software development and inventory management and has approximately 240 employees. Toyota Material Handling Europe has more than 10000 employees in about thirty sales companies, as well as in development and manufacturing units in Sweden, Italy and France. The head office is in Mjölby, where smart solutions for material handling and unique trucks are developed and produced.


Want to learn more about what Toyota does? Watch this video.



The specific project is seen now as 2 teams working in parallel, each team is 5-7 people: Architect, Senior Developer(s), Middle Developers, Junior Developer(s), Test Engineer, PM, DevOps.


  • Sigma Software’s side: PM (PO), Archtect, DevOps, Developers, Test Engineer
  • Client’s side: Developers, PM(s)


Your everyday life


You will be part of a scrum team and since we use SAFe as a framework for collaboration the different scrum teams are part of an Agile Release Train. The ART currently consists of one infrastructure team and 5 development teams. Onsite visit might be required.


The basics are .NET Framework; WCF; MS SQL; UI development frameworks like Angular; CSV; TCP/IP sockets, TDD with the usage of NUnit, NSubstitute and SpecFlow.



Additional Information

At Toyota Material Handling we create self-driving forklifts used in warehouses. Joining us means being part of the logistics solutions of tomorrow. It also means making sure you and everybody else gets a timely delivery of their online shopping. The actual forklifts are manufactured in Mjölby. The team in Gothenburg, Sweden and Ukraine creates the order and traffic management software.